Aimeriez-vous savoir comment Toastmasters peut vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs de communication et de leadership?  Venez nous rendre visite!

Voici le programme pour la réunion du 21 septembre 2021.


We are back in session! Are you looking to improve your public speaking skills in downtown Montreal and become a more competent leader? Find out how Toastmasters can help you reach your goals.

Come visit us! We meet every Tuesday evening, in a secure environment with ample room to allow safe physical distancing.


Here is the programme for the meeting of September 14, 2021.

Le club St-Lawrence Toastmasters à Montréal est fier de reprendre ses réunions hebdomadaires dans un environnement soucieux de la sécurité de tous.

Cliquez pour obtenir une copie du programme pour la réunion Toastmasters du 7 septembre 2021.

Dear friends, please note that our Toastmasters club is currently taking a break for the summer, and that our weekly Tuesday evening meetings will resume on Tuesday September 7, 2021.


Here is a note from our Executive Committee:

The St-Lawrence Toastmasters Executive has recently met at l’Ambroisie and is happy to announce that our in-person meetings will resume on Tuesday, September 7th at our usual meeting room at Restaurant l’Ambroisie.

Due to COVID-19, only members and guests WHO HAVE RECEIVED TWO VACCINES (WITH PROOF) will be accepted. Other sanitary measures will also be applied to ensure the safety of all.

We will have more details about what exactly the sanitary measures will be at the start of September once we know what the local and provincial authorities have put into effect.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please note that the meeting of June 22, 2021 will be the last meeting before we (the St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal) take our customary summer break.


This allows us to take full advantage of the many summer festivities that Montreal has to offer.

(Would you like some ideas of what to do in the city? Here is a link to the Montreal summer festival guide 2021 prepared by Tourisme Montréal.)

We will then be back to our regular Toastmasters meeting schedule starting on Tuesday September 7, 2021.

Le Club Saint Lawrence Toastmasters à Montréal est heureux d’accueillir une nouvelle membre, Nadeshda.


Lors de ses études à l’Université Concordia un de ses professeurs avait largement parlé de Toastmasters et comment nous épaulons nos membres à gagner leur confiance et à améliorer leurs habiletés lors de présentations en public. C’est pour cela qu’elle a décidé de se joindre à notre club !

Nadeshda ajoute, “Une autre raison pour laquelle j’ai décidé de rejoindre le club est que l’ambiance est super conviviale et amicale, et les collègues sont très accueillants !”


Aimeriez-vous en savoir plus sur Toastmasters? N’hésitez pas à assister à une de nos prochaines réunions.

Voici le programme pour la réunion du 15 juin 2021.

The Saint-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal is glad to welcome Joly.


We like to ask our new members what prompted them to join Toastmasters. Here is what Joly shares with us:

I learned about Toastmasters from my husband years ago, and always had the interest but never the time. I now believe that I need to make time; otherwise it is never going to happen. I want to join because I want to feel more confident when speaking in public, and be more effective when I do so. I also want to work on my leadership skills.


Would you like to know more about how Toastmasters can help you gain more confidence speaking in public and also honing your leadership skills? Feel free to attend one of our upcoming meetings.

Here is the programme for the meeting of June 8, 2021.

Would you like to find out more about how Toastmasters can help you eliminate your fear of speaking in public? Join us for one of our upcoming meetings (held online for the time being).

Here is the programme for the St-Lawrence Toastmasters meeting of June 1, 2021.


Aimeriez-vous perfectionner vos compétences en art oratoire ou devenir meilleur leader?

Assistez à une de nos prochaines réunions en ligne pour en savoir plus.

Voici le programme pour la réunion Toastmasters du 25 mai 2021.


Are you interested in finding out more about how you can enhance your public-speaking skills?  Feel free to join one of our upcoming online meetings, held every Tuesday evening starting at 6:50 PM.

Here is the programme for the Toastmasters meeting of May 18, 2021


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