Founded in 1948, St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal is the oldest (and as we like to playfully say, “hence the most experienced”) Toastmasters club in Eastern Canada.

Our club is bilingual (English-French) and we are renowned as one of the best clubs in the area, with an inviting atmosphere where people can openly participate and have fun productively.

Our members are made up of a wonderful mix of talent, which adds greatly to our meetings. We are fortunate to have, among such inspiring members, several long-standing members and speech contest winners who offer mentorship to regular members and newcomers alike.

Our meetings include impromptu speaking, prepared speeches, oral evaluations of speeches, toasts, quotes and humorous stories. Well-organized manuals help us prepare and deliver our speeches.

Our experienced evaluators offer sincere advice to help newer members improve quickly; their evaluations are based on focused analysis and listening skills and include specific suggestions and warm encouragement.

A meeting will generally have around 20 attendees, as well as some guests.   Each meeting is built around a “theme of the evening”.

This year’s executive committee (2022-2023)

Italo Magni

VP Education
Caroline Théau

VP Public Relations
Joëlle Constantin

VP membership
Jacques Lamontagne

Rômulo Victor

Marc Tison

Daniel Chammas

Past President
Xenia Le Dinh

Alex Chan | Tommy Lebel

— St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club —

Toastmasters Club number: 606

Toastmasters Area number: 62

Toastmasters Division: G

Toastmasters District number: 61