As we embark on another Toastmasters year, we are fervently setting our sights on achieving once again the prestigious “President’s Distinguished Club” recognition, as in previous years.

But what does that status really mean? And more importantly, what value does it bring to you, members of St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal?

In essence, the President’s Distinguished Club status is the gold standard in Toastmasters. It’s an accolade that’s awarded to clubs that have demonstrated consistent excellence in providing a supportive environment for public speaking and leadership development. For a club to attain this status, it needs to achieve at least 9 out of the 10 goals set by Toastmasters International, encompassing member education, membership growth, and effective club management.

Last week, Yanick (club president) unveiled the new banner to follow our club’s progression.


Executive committee members Frédéric and Marc, putting red dots to mark the completion of one of the 10 goals.


Yanick (club president) proudly showcases one of our goals completed, as well as red dots on some other goals, bringing us closer to our President’s Distinguished Club status.

So, why should this matter to our members?

  1. Quality Assurance: Achieving this status is a testament to the high-quality learning environment our club provides. It’s a promise that as a member, you’re part of a club that is dedicated to helping you reach your communication and leadership objectives.

  2. Recognition: Being part of a President’s Distinguished Club brings a certain prestige. It shows that you are associated with a club that sets and achieves its high standards, reflecting positively on your own commitment to personal growth.

  3. Increased Opportunities: A club that is active, engaged, and achieves its goals often offers more opportunities for its members. Whether it’s the chance to participate in advanced projects, workshops, or inter-club events, our commitment to excellence ensures a vibrant club atmosphere with numerous avenues for growth.

  4. Motivation: Being in a club that strives for and achieves excellence can be a powerful motivator. It encourages members to push their boundaries, take on new challenges, and truly embody the Toastmasters spirit.

Are you interested in finding out how St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal can help you reach develop your public speaking and leadership skills? Feel free to come visit us.