Congratulation Italo and Véronique : Italo won first place and Véronique went third. The St-Lawrence quality was there to honnor the club ! 

Félicitation à Italo et Véronique : Italo a gagné la première place et Véronique a eu la troisième place. La qualité St-Lawrence était au rendez-vous pour honnorer le club !

This week’s program :


Le programme de cette semaine :

Come support Italo and Véronique at speach contest this friday ! It starts at 7pm. Contestant’s briefing is at 6h15 pm.  The cost is $8, some refreshments will be served at 6h30.

Ericsson Canada Inc

8400 boulevard Décarie


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Venez encourager nos participants : Italo et Véronique. Le concours commence à 7h mais les concurants sont attendus à 6h15. Le coût d’entrée est de 8$, des rafraichissements seront servis à 6h30.

Congratulation to all participant of the area contest : Mathieu and John for the table topics, Véronique and Italo for the speech contest. They all did an outstanding performance. Véronique and Italo won the first place and will compete this friday at the division contest.

Félicitation à tous les participants du concours d’improvisation et de discours du secteur. Mathieu et John pour les improvisations, et Véronique et Italo pour les discours. Ils ont tous fait honneur au club. Véronique et Italo ont gagné la première place et participeront au discours du niveau de la division ce vendredi.  

This week’s program :


Le programme de cette semaine :

The contest starts at 7pm, and takes place at

CN Building Transcontinental room (ground floor)

935 De la Gauchetière Street West


Le concours commence à 7h et a lieu au

CN Building Transcontinental room (rez-de-chaussé )

935 De la Gauchetière Street West


This week’s program:


Le programme de cette semaine:

The club has the pleasure to welcome a new member, Paul Jalbert. Wishing to improve his communication skill as communication is  a great part of his professional life, he joined last Tuesday. 

Le club est heureux d’accueillir Paul Jalbert. La communication prend une place importante dans son travail, il est donc déjà qualifié dans se domaine et souhaite s’améliorer encore plus.

As Toastmasters, one of our goals is to continually improve our ability to effectively articulate our thoughts, especially when we are asked our opinion about something.

The ability to “think and speak on our feet” is a skill that comes not only from practice (an activity  we do in our meetings, called “Table Topics”), but also from being generally aware of events around us so that we can speak intelligently on a current subject.

Therefore, what better current event to inform ourselves on than the US Credit Crisis?

(Click here if you want to see a larger version)

In the space of about ten minutes, you will have had the chance to get an extremely clear and straightforward understanding of how the Credit “fiasco” all came about.  And should you ever be asked your opinion on this subject, you may hopefully find yourself in a better position to answer effectively.


The next speech and table topics area contest will be held at CN club on March 23rd. Contestants and judges should be there at 6:30 PM (the contest will start at 7 PM).  There will be refreshments for $5.

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Le concours de discours et d’improvisations aura lieu le 23 mars au club CN à 7h. Les participants et juges sont attendus à 6h30. Des rafraîchissements seront vendus à 5 $.

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