We hope you’re enjoying the Holidays.

Are the kids starting to get bored of their toys and are you looking for something that could help them spend their time productively?

Here is an interesting book (even for grownups) that we have come across while listening to “The Next Chapter” on CBC radio.  It’s made it to the list of CBC’s Best Books of 2015.

The publishers of Speechless have even created a nice PDF that you might find useful.  Click for Speech-Making Tips that Will Leave Your Audience Speechless (in a good way).


Speechless by Jennifer Mook-Sang


I forced my feet to the stage and turned around. This was going to be the scariest thing I’d ever done in my whole life. I looked down into the expanse of gleaming eyes and willed myself to focus on the next step ahead. I just had to make it through the next five minutes, word by word. Then it would be over.


Dear Toastmasters members and friends,

Please note that we are currently taking a break for the 2015 Holiday season.

We’ll be back in full swing starting Tuesday January 5, 2016.

Until then, enjoy the following emotionally heart-warming video:

(OK, so apart from the fact that it’s an ad for Edeka – “Time to Come Home”, the story is presented in a way that engages the viewer in a sentimental manner.  This is the kind of emotion that we also learn to bring out in some speeches at Toastmasters…)

Veuillez noter que la réunion du 8 décembre 2015 sera la dernière réunion avant le temps des Fêtes, et que nous reprendrons notre horaire hebdomadaire dès le 5 janvier 2016.

Puisque ce sera la dernière réunion de 2015, cette réunion sera un peu spéciale de la manière suivante.  Le Club St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montréal voulait donner l’opportunité à plusieurs nouveaux membres de compléter des discours avant la fin de l’année.  Nous aurons donc une “Super soirée d’orateur”, dans laquelle la réunion sera dédiée aux discours préparés. Il y aura 5 discours en tout (et nous sauterons la séance des improvisations).

Venez vous joindre à nous!  Voici le programme de la réunion Toastmasters du 8 décembre 2015.