Who Joins Toastmasters?

Perhaps you’re wondering if Toastmasters is for you. Can it really help you become a better public speaker? A better presenter? And who are the people that you would meet?

Good news. The Toastmasters program really does work. At every weekly meeting you’ll learn how to improve your communication, presentation and leadership skills and you get to practice in a safe, non-threatening environment, conductive to learning quickly.

You also learn by watching both new and very experienced members give speeches, presentations and evaluations. Opportunities to practice also include learning how to lead and conduct efficient meetings as well as evaluate speeches and presentations.

Toastmasters members come from all walks of life and include: business owners, executives, accountants, consultants, project managers, lawyers, computer programmers and others too numerous to mention. One common goal shared by all is to learn, to become better speakers, and to help others overcome their fear of getting up in front of an audience. It’s a great group of individuals that get together weekly, to learn and have fun doing it.

You’re welcome to join us. Whatever your reasons, whether it’s for personal improvement, overcoming shyness or learning how to give a dynamic presentation to your management team, you won’t find a better, more welcoming group ready to help you, anywhere.

As a guest, you can attend meetings without obligation before deciding to join. You will be introduced at the start of the meeting, but you won’t be required to speak or undertake a duty, except at the end of the meeting when you’ll be invited (but not required) to give a brief comment on your impressions of the meeting. 

Why Join?

Toastmasters will help your performance in: meeting the public; conducting business meetings; motivating people; selling ideas or products and interviewing for jobs.

Become a Member

Becoming a member is easy and simple.

We request that guests attend at least 3 meetings at our club before they can join. After your third visit, simply confirm your desire to become a member, fill out a short application form, pay the membership fee and you’re on your way to becoming a Toastmaster.

You can join any of our weekly Tuesday evening meetings held between September and June.

Membership Fees 

The weekly attendance fee is $10 per meeting (and applies to all members and guests). You can pay directly at the meeting with cash, via an Interac transfer, or by contactless credit card payment. (Note that using a credit card incurs an additional 25-cent charge.)

The Toastmasters membership fee for the 2023-2024 session is $255 for new members; prorated depending on the month that you join. 

The yearly renewal fee is $230. 

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