The St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal would like to welcome its newest member Irene.


Yanick (our club president) welcomes Irene

We like to ask our members why they decided to join Toastmasters.  Here is what Irene had to share with us:

“My original reason for joining Toastmasters was to get comfortable speaking in public. I believe I found a relaxed ambiance that will allow me to get over my inhibitions and out of my comfort zone. St. Lawrence Toastmasters has warm, supportive members, and in time, I am certain I will improve my speaking skills and do so with absolute confidence and ease. The members’ feedback is a true learning tool for growth and improvement.”


Are you looking to improve your speaking skills in Montreal? Find out how Toastmasters can help.  Feel free to visit our club.

Here is the programme for the Toastmasters meeting of May 30, 2017.

Toastmasters is more than a friendly environment to improve your public speaking skills. It’s also a place to make friends, all around the world. While our Toastmasters club is based in Montreal, as a member of Toastmaster International, we can attend meetings at any other clubs in the world.


Ghenadie, member of our St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club, recently visited a club in Sweden during a business trip. Here are his comments about the experience:

While business travelling in Sweden, I had the pleasure of visiting the Area 2, Division G, District 95 Malmo Toastmasters club. It felt like home and all people were warm and welcoming. This was a great experience and I encourage anyone who travels to look for TM Clubs in the surroundings and visit them.

If you too are interested in joining a world-wide organization, come visit us at our next meeting!

Here is the program for the St. Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal meeting of May 23, 2017.

Cherchez-vous à améliorer vos habiletés en communication et à développer votre leadership?  Venez nous rendre visite.

Voici le programme pour la réunion du club St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montréal du 16 mai 2017.

Au plaisir de vous y voir!

Il peut nous arriver de penser que l’importance d’un discours repose sur la manière que la personne le présente, par exemple à travers le langage corporel, le contact visuel avec l’auditoire, et peut-être même du support visuel.

Si cela peut en effet être utile, il ne faut pas oublier que c’est le contenu d’un discours qui est toujours important, comme le démontre la vidéo suivante.  Puisque c’était pour une émission radio, les auditeurs n’avaient donc pas l’opportunité (ni le besoin) de voir l’oratrice s’exprimer en public, donc l’essentiel était vraiment dans le contenu du discours.

Rosalie Bonenfant : Est-ce que je te plais, s’il te plait?

(Pour le début du discours, vous pouvez défiler à 0m30sec.)

À notre avis, ce discours est une puissante réflexion bien songée, pertinente, d’une grande intelligence, et qui présente un angle susceptible de toucher les émotions de l’auditoire.  Il pourrait aisément répondre aux objectifs du Projet # 10 “Inspirer votre auditoire” du programme Toastmasters du Communicateur Compétent, qui sont de donner ”un discours inspirant qui permet de motiver un auditoire à s’améliorer sur le plan personnel, émotionnel, professionnel ou spirituel.  Le discours doit lancer un appel en faveur d’une grande cause et inciter l’auditoire à avoir des pensées plus nobles et à se dépasser dans ses actes.”


Voici le programme de la réunion hebdomadaire du Club St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montréal (soirée du 9 mai 2017). 

The following video was shared by one of our members who came across it on Trendingly. As Emily Davis mentions quite fittingly:

This 93-Year-Old Grandpa Had The Crowd In Stitches At An Open-Mic Night With His Hilarious ‘Love Hurts’ Story.

Tom Sitter won The Moth in Madison StorySLAM at the High Noon Saloon February 13, 2017. Tom scored our first ever 10 with his winning story tonight. The memory of the girls he carefully selected to give his five valentines to in 1933 was strong enough that 84 years later he still knew their names.

As Toastmasters, not only do we enjoy seeing entertaining speeches, we also like to reflect on what elements allowed the speaker to give such a successful speech.  Among the things we observed:

  • He uses gestures very often, and in a very natural way.
  • He provides vivid descriptions that help the audience feel as if they were living the situation with him, for example by mentioning names of people and describing each setting.
  • He is very comfortable taking pauses.  These give the audience adequate time to digest and appreciate, and to laugh heartily.


Here is the programme for the St-Lawrence Montreal Toastmasters Club meeting of May 2, 2017.