In this article, Christian Turianskyj, a member of St. Lawrence Toastmasters the Hall of Fame, shares some of the commonly shared struggles we encounter during preparation for speeches. Here is the story of his preparation for the mastering of a monologue.

That’s my last duchess painted on the wall,

Looking as is she were alive.

A daunting task : Learn by heart – My Last Duchess, a 56 line dramatic monologue written by Robert Browning in 1842. This challenging Advanced Manual presentation, Interpretive Reading, will to be delivered on December 2013 at my Club, The St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club.

An entire week has passed and I can only recite 10 lines by heart. What has happened? Distractions, memory lapses, lack of perseverance or a mixture of the above have contributed to this dismal result. Now, in my computer room on a Saturday morning I am ready to forge ahead. But wait! The computer screen beckons; why not check the latest Emails? This shouldn’t take long.

Christian, we need to go shopping! shouts my wife from the downstairs kitchen. Didn’t we go to Costco yesterday! I answer. Yes, but IGA has some specials TODAY!  This afternoon, I shout back.

Back to the poem; this week-end I will learn 10 more lines. (more…)


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