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Nous sommes un club bilingue!
Le club St-Lawrence Toastmasters est un club bilingue à Montréal. Nos réunions hebdomadaires se déroulent en français et en anglais.

We are a bilingual club!
Located in downtown Montreal, St-Lawrence Toastmasters is a bilingual club. All meetings are held in both English and French.

Last week we held our Toastmasters club’s International Speech and Table Topics contests. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

For the results, feel free to consult the programme for the St-Lawrence Toastmasters meeting of February 6, 2018.


Nous avons eu les concours de discours et d’improvisation à notre club Toastmasters la semaine dernière. Félicitations à tous les participants !

Les résultats sont disponibles dans notre programme pour la réunion Toastmasters du 6 février 2018.

This is exciting! Our member Nadine was interviewed on the English Montreal talk radio station, CJAD 800 on Friday Nov. 17.

They wanted to interview her regarding her recent win at the Toastmasters District 61 Humorous Speech Contest.

In the interview, Nadine Champagne Gundry-White naturally talks about Toastmasters. 

Here is a quick summary that she shares with us here:

Toastmasters has inspired me to take steps to become a professional speaker and ‘clean’ comedian. I want to put on a comedy show appropriate for all audiences.

À l’occasion de la réunion du 14 novembre 2017, les membres du club St. Lawrence Toastmasters à Montréal ont pu célébrer les 69 ans du club.

En fait, notre club est le club Toastmasters le plus ancien à l’est de Windsor. (Nous aimons nous vanter amicalement et à la légère que puisque nous sommes le plus ancien club, nous sommes naturellement le club le plus expérimenté. Smile)

St-Lawrence 69e


Voulez-vous en savoir plus sur notre club?  Venez nous visiter!

Voici le programme pour la réunion du 21 novembre 2017.

Toastmasters has recently announced the new educational program entitled “Pathways”.

If  you would like to know all about it, you can always visit the official Pathways page on the Toastmasters International website.

It will answer questions such as:

  • Why is the education program changing?
  • Why is Pathways valuable to me?
  • How many paths are there?
  • Are there different levels in each path?
  • etc.

If you prefer to get a brief overview for the time being, here is an interesting presentation prepared by Kevin Broughton, a fellow Toastmaster in Australia:


Would you like to visit our club?  Here is the St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal programme for October 31, 2017.

We’d like to congratulate Nadine Champagne, proud member of St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal, for having won the first place in the Toastmasters Division F English Humorous Speech Contest.

Nadine (standing second from the right) at the Humorous Speech Contest.

Congratulations as well to Martina for having participated in the French Evaluation Contest. (From what we hear, she have an excellent evaluation but may have slightly exceeded the maximum time limit. Better luck next time!)

Martina (shown standing in the middle) at the Evaluation Contest.

The St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Toastmasters Area 54 Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contests.

A big thanks to the contest organisers, all the contestants, and everyone who came to cheer them on.

Here are the contest results:

Toastmasters English Evaluation Contest - Gregory Alex

English Evaluation Contest

1st place: Gregory Fine (Westmount Toastmasters)

2nd place: Alex Chan (St-Lawrence Toastmasters)

Concours évaluation Toastmasters Martina Alex

Concours d’évaluation en français

1ère place: Martina Kugler (St-Lawrence Toastmasters)

2e place: Alex Chan (St-Lawrence Toastmasters)

Toastmasters English Humorous Speech Contest - Nadine Jinghui

English Humorous Speech Contest

1st place: Nadine Champagne (St-Lawrence Toastmasters)

2nd place: Jinghui Ding (NDG Leader Toastmasters)

The first-place winners will go on to represent our Area during the Toastmasters Division F contests, which will take place on October 14, 2017.


If  you’d like to see photos with the other contestants, please feel free to consult our weekly programme.  Here is the programme for the Toastmasters meeting of Tuesday October 10, 2017.

Bravo à tous les participants!


Congratulations to all the participants!


Want to know more about Toastmasters?  Feel free to come visit us!  Here is the programme for the St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal meeting of June 13, 2017.

Voici une note de Yanick Daoust, président de notre club Toastmasters :

J’aimerais féliciter nos 2 grands gagnants du concours de la division F qui avait lieu au HEC hier soir. Pier-Luc et Nadine ont remporté les honneurs du concours d’évaluation en français et du concours humoristique en anglais. 2 excellentes performances qui assurent la poursuite de la tradition d’excellence de notre club St-Lawrence Toastmasters.

Nadine Pier-Luc gagnants concours Toastmasters Montreal

Venez les encourager au Chateau Bromont les 11-12-13 novembre lors du concours Toastmasters du district  61. Bravo à nos champions !


Et voici une note de Benoit Menard, Directeur de notre secteur Toastmasters :

Wow! Bravo aux gagnants des concours de la division F. Je suis si fier de notre secteur. Tous les gagnants proviennent du secteur 53!

La prochaine étape est la conférence du district 61, les 11, 12 et 13 novembre!

Wow! Congratulations to the winners of the division F contests! I am so proud of our area. All the winners are from area 53!

Next level is the district 61 conference at Bromont, November 11, 12, 13.


Division F Contest Results

Résultats du concours de la division F

English Evaluation

1 – Niem Tu Huynh (Area 53, CN)

2 – Todd Gatien (Area 51, Dollard des Ormeaux)

Evaluation Français

1 – Pier-Luc Rouleau (Area 53, St-Lawrence)

2 – Sarah Lerner (Area 54, Nissa)

Humorous speech

1 – Nadine Champagne (Area 53, St-Lawrence)

2 – Matthew Whetstone (Area 50, Future First)

Discours Humoristique

1 – Daniel Gélinas (Area 53, CN)

2 – Simon Riendeau (Area 51, CAE)

Congratulations to our member John for having won the Dorval City Toastmasters Annual Tall Tales Contest.

John St-Lawrence Toastmasters


Find out more about Toastmasters by coming to visit us!

Here is the programme for the St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal meeting of May 24, 2016.

Congratulations to our members Pietro and Élodie for their valiant efforts at the Toastmasters District 61 Spring Conference

Pietro Elodie Toastmasters District 61 2016 contest

We’re proud that you represented St-Lawrence Montreal Toastmasters Club at the District level!

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