Après la grande tombée de neige cette semaine (Environnement Canada a confirmé que Montréal avait reçu 45 cm de neige, soit 2 cm de plus que le record établi en mars 1971), voici une petite vidéo de bonhomme de neige pour vous rechauffer le coeur.

Au plaisir de vous voir dès le 8 janvier 2013!

Dear Toastmasters members and friends,

Please note that we are currently taking a break during the Holiday season.

We’ll be back in full swing starting Tuesday January 8, 2013.

Until then, enjoy the following video from the National Film Board:

Chers membres et amis Toastmasters,

Veuillez noter que notre club est présentement en relâche pour le temps des Fêtes.

Au plaisir de vous revoir en 2013! (La première rencontre aura lieu le 8 janvier 2013.)

We would like to welcome Joëlle to our Toastmasters club.

St-Lawrence Toastmasters Joëlle
(Our club president Martina welcomes Joëlle as a new member.)

As she had put it, “I got this new job where I have to animate crowds/committees in urban planning, and I have a bit of stage fright, and tend to lose my line of thoughts while speaking, but I want to overcome this obstacle.”

Well Joëlle, you’re at the right place and we can certainly help you achieve your objectives of being more comfortable speaking to a large group.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Toastmasters member Carmel.  She has come to visit us on a couple of occasions last year as well as this year, and feels this is a good time to join St-Lawrence Toastmasters for all that Toastmasters has to offer.

St-Lawrence Toastmasters Carmel

Carmel being welcomed by our club president Martina.


Are you interested in finding out more about Toastmasters?  Come meet us!

Here is the meeting agenda for Tuesday December 4, 2012.  Please note that exceptionally this week we are meeting in a separate room down the hall from where we normally meet. (Normally, we meet in the conference room that is located just beside the Restaurant L’Ambroisie. However, they are having a special function that evening and this is why we are meeting down the hall in a smaller room.)

NOTE: The last meeting of 2012 will be on Tuesday December 11.  Then we return after the holidays on January 8, 2013.