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Nous sommes un club bilingue!
Le club St-Lawrence Toastmasters est un club bilingue à Montréal. Nos réunions hebdomadaires se déroulent en français et en anglais.

We are a bilingual club!
Located in downtown Montreal, St-Lawrence Toastmasters is a bilingual club. All meetings are held in both English and French.

Congratulations to our St-Lawrence Toastmasters member Tommy Lebel for having recently completed his Toastmasters Competent Communicator project.

Toastmasters - Inspire  your audience ribbon

How has that helped his leadership skills? Let’s have Tommy explain in his own words…

So many people are thrown into leadership positions without the basic tool set for truly leading people. Leading people the right way is hard work. It’s also a learnable skill that needs to be sharpened continuously. Toastmasters is a great starting point for that.

Toastmasters is probably one of the top 5 best things I have done to boost my career path. Toastmasters is well known for its public speaking aspect but much less for its LEADERSHIP skills building opportunity.


Voulez-vous améliorer vos capacités de vous exprimer en public à Montréal?

Cherchez-vous un club bilingue Toastmasters à Montréal?

Comment faire pour donner de meilleures présentations à Montréal?

Découvrez comment, en visitant le club St. Lawrence Toastmasters.

Voici le programme pour la réunion du 29 mai 2018.


Have you ever watched someone give a presentation with his hands clutched as if he wanted to cover his privates?  Or perhaps you’ve seen a speaker talking with her hands in her pocket, or with her hands on her hips? 

Such stances can make a speaker seem nervous, less confident, insecure, too casual, or even aggressive, depending on the body language that is projected.

Here is a video from Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (2014 Toastmasters International world champion of public speaking) revealing four essential body language tips.

Are you interested in seeing how you can improve your public speaking skills and even gain new ones?

Then visit the Saint-Lawrence Toastmasters Club, a bilingual Toastmasters Club in Montreal.

Here is the programme for the meeting of May 22, 2018.

Aimeriez-vous en savoir plus sur comment Toastmasters, peut vous aider à communiquer plus efficacement et aussi à devenir un meilleur leader?

Si c’est le cas, venez nous rendre visite au Club St-Lawrence Toastmasters à Montréal. Nous sommes un club bilingue, situés près du Marché Atwater au centre-ville de Montréal.

Voici le programme pour la soirée du 15 mai 2018.

(This post was originally published four years ago, but we feel it is just as relevant today.)

Here is an interesting article giving useful tips on how to avoid using some of the dreaded filler words “Um” and “Uh” when speaking.

“Becoming Well-Spoken:
How to Minimize Your Uh’s and Um’s”

Although it’s from the website “The Art of Manliness", the article can apply to both sexes. It explains why we tend to use filler words and how they can be detrimental, and then gives suggestions that can help to minimize the use of such fillers.

Um and other filler words

Here is another interesting post related to the same subject:

“Um, Uh, and You Know: Killer Fillers in Public Speaking”

Enjoy the read!


Are you interested in finding out how Toastmasters can help you minimize Um’s and Uh’s when speaking?

Or how about helping to reduce anxiety and increase your confidence when speaking in public?

Then visit St-Lawrence Toastmasters in Montreal

Here is the programme for the meeting of May 8, 2018.

Aimeriez-vous apprendre comment Toastmasters peut vous aider à communiquer plus efficacement et à devenir un meilleur leader?

Nous vous invitons à assister à une des rencontres de notre club St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montréal. Nous sommes un club bilingue.

Voici le programme de la soirée du 1er mai 2018.

The Saint-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal would like to warmly welcome its new member Richard.

Stilian (our VP Education) welcomes Richard to the club

We like to ask our new members to share with us some of the reasons why they have decided to join Toastmasters. Here is what Richard writes:

I’ve always wanted to improve my presentation skills but thought a more fixed "class" setting was too limiting. I heard about Toastmasters and chose the closest club to where I live. How fortunate was I to end up with the best one there is? Smile

I’m looking forward to everyone’s comments and pointers. I hope every member will feel open and candid with me. I’m here to learn, make new friends, and contribute to an already amazing dynamic.


Are you looking to improve your public-speaking and presentation skills in a laid-back yet structured setting? Come visit the St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club.

Here is the programme for the meeting of April 24, 2018.

Cherchez vous un club Toastmasters bilingue à Montréal pour vous aider à mieux vous exprimer en public?

Venez nous rendre visite!

Voici le programme pour la réunion du 17 avril 2018.


Voulez-vous savoir comment améliorer votre capacité de communiquer efficacement en public? Grâce à Toastmasters, vous pouvez le faire dans un environnement convivial et constructif. 

Venez nous visiter ! Notre club Toastmasters est situé près du centre-ville à Montréal et nous sommes un club bilingue.

Voici le programme pour la réunion Toastmasters du 10 avril 2018.


Would you like to find out more about how Toastmasters can help you become a better public speaker?

Feel free to come visit us!

Here is the St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal programme for the meeting of April 3, 2018.


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