The St-Lawrence Toastmasters club in Montreal is proud to welcome Grace as a new member.


Yanick, club president, formally welcomes Grace to our club

Every member comes to Toastmasters with their own personal goals and objectives. Here is Grace sharing hers:

“I joined Toastmasters because as a socially anxious person, I struggle to communicate verbally in an organized, concise, and clear way. I have avoided public speaking for many years, but now I would finally like to begin learning these skills so that I can confidently express myself both in the personal and professional realm. The St Lawrence Club seems like the perfect place to grow and practice public speaking, as a safe and welcoming environment, full of enthusiastic members.”


Would you also like to gain the skills to be able to speak in public confidently? Come visit our Toastmasters club in downtown Montreal.

Here is the programme for the meeting of April 16, 2024.