The St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal wishes a warm welcome to Sam.

Sam_St-Lawrence_Toastmasters_MontrealMarc, VP Education, welcomes Sam to our Toastmasters club

We like to ask our new members to share some of the reasons that made them decide to join our club. Here is what Sam writes:

I joined Toastmasters with the goal of enhancing my presentation skills, mastering the art of storytelling, refining my impromptu speaking abilities, and developing my leadership skills.

I aspire to contribute to the growth and development of fellow club members by offering constructive feedback and actively participating in various roles, all while valuing our club’s warm atmosphere, punctuality, rich experience, and the supportive encouragement shared among members.


Are you also looking to enhance your presentation skills, master the art of storytelling, refine your impromptu speaking abilities, and develop your leadership skills? Come visit our Toastmasters club!

Here is the programme for the meeting of March 5, 2024.