The St-Lawrence Toastmasters Club Montreal would like to wish a warm welcome to its two new members Sylvie and William.

Caroline (club president) welcomes Sylvie and William

We like to ask our members to share why they decided to join our club. This is what they mention.

Sylvie :

Je ne suis pas une personne timide, mais je manque de confiance en moi. Lorsque je prends la parole en public, je ne suis pas à l’aise. J’ai terriblement le trac et j’ai peur de bafouiller…

Oui, je peux faire faire le clown, pas de problème ! Mais parler sérieusement devant un auditoire, ça, c’est une autre paire de manches. J’ai l’intention de parler en public pour faire des ateliers de Bien-Être et pour ça je dois savoir parler en public.


I often find myself having to speak in front of a group of individuals at work, to either present a report, instruct a group of colleagues or simply weigh in on a subject matter. Despite being comfortable with it, it would be an over-exaggeration to say that I have mastered the art of public speaking. Indeed despite watching master orators and sophists, I find myself to be lacking clarity and finesse in my delivery.

So after much research, I decided to attend St-Lawrence Toastmasters to see what it takes to be a Toastmaster. I was mesmerized on the very first evening by the calibre of the presentations, the dedication shown by the members and last but not least, the welcoming atmosphere.


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Here is the programme for the meeting of October 15, 2019.