The St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club in Montreal would like to sincerely welcome two new members Olivier and Laura.

Caroline (club president) welcomes Olivier and Laura

It’s customary at our club to ask our members if they could share some of the reasons why they joined our club. Here is what they write.

Laura :

J’ai joint Toastmasters pour peaufiner mes habiletés de parler en public et pour pratiquer mon leadership. Travailler sur ces deux éléments pourra m’aider à faire avancer ma carrière et ma vie personnelle.  Je suis ravie de joindre une aussi belle équipe.


I’m working on aquiring the tools to influence the implementation of stricter laws on cybersecurity as a lobbyist.


Are you interested in seeing how Toastmasters in Montreal can help you become a more effective speaker and competent leader? Feel free to come meet us!
Here is the
programme for the meeting of October 22, 2019.