Congratulations to our member Ilya for reaching “Competent Communicator” status!

Ilya CC
Club president Pier-Luc salutes Ilya on receiving his CC award

When members join Toastmasters, they are given a Competent Communication manual that contains 10 speech projects each focusing on a specific area, such as organizing your speech, using body language, vocal variety, visual aids, etc. At each speech, an evaluator offers constructive feedback, thereby helping the member to improve and to build on those skills. 

(Want to know more about the 10 Competent Communicator projects? Here is a brief description of each project, as presented by a fellow Toastmasters club.)

Finally, after completing all ten speech projects, the member is given a Competent Communication award, which is exactly what Ilya earned this week!


What to know more about how Toastmasters can help you become a Competent Communicator?  Come meet us! 

Here is the St. Lawrence Toastmaters Montreal programme for the meeting of October 20, 2015.