We would like to welcome our new members Ilya, Monica, and Carlo (shown left-to-right in the picture below with our club president Martina).

Monica Ilya Carlo

Monica would like to get a better grasp of public speaking, and also learn to not be shy when giving presentations.

Ilya thinks that public speaking is tremendously important (for example, he saw the value that public speaking can have during the recent US elections).

Carlo is already very keen to get started in the Toastmasters adventure.  He already received his Toastmasters New Member Kit.  (This includes, among others, the Competent Communication manual, a workbook of 10 speech projects, to help members develop their Public Speaking Skills.  Also included is the Competent Leadership manual, with projects to help members develop their Leadership Skills.)

As a matter of fact, all three members will be giving their Ice Breaker speeches at our next meeting. 

Are you interested in Toastmasters?  Find out more by coming to one of our meetings.  Here is the evening programme for our Toastmasters meeting of November 13, 2012.