It’s finally up! The video of the workshop given by Alex Chan at the Toastmasters District 61 Spring Conference 2012 is now online.

During the workshop, Alex had mentioned that he’d post a video so that those who attended could consult it at leisure and more easily remember the points that were discussed.

(Or, if you wanted to attend the workshop but unfortunately missed it, here’s the perfect chance for you to catch up!)

— Deliver More Effective Powerpoint Presentations —


(Click to see a larger version of the video in HD)


Have you ever attended a presentation that was so complicated to follow that you almost fell asleep?

Or even worse, have you ever given a presentation that was so complicated to follow that some of your audience members almost fell asleep?

For this workshop, Alex Chan has compiled several tips and pointers that can help you to prepare and to deliver more effective Powerpoint presentations.

Through the use of examples, he will show you what it takes to make clear, logical, and easy to follow presentations.


And here are some useful links to references mentioned during the workshop:


And remember, use those Post-its!


Oh yes, in the workshop, Alex mentioned something about how to fold a T-shirt quickly.  Here is a video resuming what he demonstrated off-line after he gave his presentation .


P.S. For the workshop video, apologies for some of the sometimes fuzzy picture quality. Looks like the digital camera’s “automatic focus” feature was not very reliable.