The internet is filled with videos explaining how to improve one’s pubic speaking skills, so it’s quite easy to get lost with all the advice being given.

Here is a professional speaker, Vinh Giang, who provides useful tips that we feel are quite relevant, all presented in a light-hearted manner:

Naturally, it’s nice to not only learn how to improve your skills, but also to practice them. This is exactly what we get to do at our Toastmasters meetings. Basically a safe environment where we can practice our public speaking techniques and not be afraid of failure, but instead look forward to learning what we already do well, and what we can improve thanks to the feedback and encouragement of other Toastmasters members.

Are you interested in seeing how Toastmasters can help you communicate in public in a more effective manner? Feel free to come visit us!

Here is the programme for the meeting of April 4, 2023.