We would like to wish a warm welcome to Veronica as well as Francisco, two of our more recent members.

veronica francisco 2Italo (president of our club) welcomes Veronica and Francisco

As is customary in our club, we like to ask our new members if they would like to share some of the reasons why they joined our club. Here is what Veronica has to say:

"I am thrilled to have found St Lawrence Toastmasters! Since attending my first meeting as a guest I have learned so much week after week. I am very grateful to all the club members who have been so supportive and welcoming. What a joy to join this group who share an interest in personal development and striving for excellence! Can’t wait to see where this journey leads".

Francisco actually joined our club in 2017, then took a break for a few years. He then came back recently to join again as a member. Just like going to the gym, sometimes it takes a little break to recenter and reestablish priorities like investing in yourself. Welcome back Francisco!


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Here is the programme for the meeting of January 17, 2023.