Our club (St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal) is part of Toastmasters District 61, which support all clubs within the district in achieving excellence. One of the recent great ideas they have put in place is to provide webinars as a powerful training option.

Here is a recording of one of their English webinars published a couple of months ago :

Webinar – Secret Sauce of Evaluation – Todd Gatien

Many members, new and old, find evaluations daunting because they lack structure and feel they have nothing to offer the speaker. This is not true.
This webinar focuses on how to deliver well-designed evaluations to help the speaker, the audience, and the evaluator to grow in confidence.

You can find more webinars available on Toastmasters District 61’s YouTube channel.


Come visit us to see how we do evaluations at our club.

Here is the programme for the meeting of April 30, where we will have a speech extravaganza (i.e. 5 prepared speeches instead of the customary 3 speeches of a regular meeting). You will therefore have the chance to see at least 5 evaluations (as well as a general evaluation of the meeting).