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Nous sommes un club bilingue!
Le club St-Lawrence Toastmasters est un club bilingue à Montréal. Nos réunions hebdomadaires se déroulent en français et en anglais.

We are a bilingual club!
Located in downtown Montreal, St-Lawrence Toastmasters is a bilingual club. All meetings are held in both English and French.

Dear Toastmasters members and friends,

Please note that we are currently taking a break for the 2015 Holiday season.

We’ll be back in full swing starting Tuesday January 5, 2016.

Until then, enjoy the following emotionally heart-warming video:

(OK, so apart from the fact that it’s an ad for Edeka – “Time to Come Home”, the story is presented in a way that engages the viewer in a sentimental manner.  This is the kind of emotion that we also learn to bring out in some speeches at Toastmasters…)