We would like to congratulate Italo Magni for having recently completed his Competent Leadership (CL) manual.

Italo congratulated by Pier-Luc (St-Lawrence Toastmasters club president)

As you may know, at Toastmasters we follow two tracks in parallel: the Communications track and the Leadership track.

Competent Leadership features 10 projects to carry out while serving in meeting roles and participating in other club activities. Each of the ten projects in the CL manual focuses on a different leadership skill, such as critical thinking, giving feedback, planning and implementing, organizing and delegating, etc.

The end result?  The members develop or strengthen the skills that allow them to me more effective leaders.  And remember, leadership is not necessarily limited to a professional setting, but also to activities in our personal lives.  Imagine needing to organize your next camping trip, family dinner over the holidays, or class reunion. Such activities all require planning and other leadership qualities that we can successfully acquire at Toastmasters.