The videos of the St-Lawrence Toastmasters 65th anniversary celebration are now available for viewing. 

The evening was an occasion for us to celebrate our club’s 65th anniversary in a nice dinner setting, surrounded by members, family and friends. 

Of course, this was an excellent opportunity for our members to put to use what they learn at Toastmasters, such as being master of ceremonies of the evening, giving toasts, giving entertaining speeches, and welcoming some new members to the Hall of Fame.

Video 1: Robyn Croll, Italo Magni, Ilya Morozov.

Video 2: Joseph Sohmer

Video 3: Elodie Magni

Video 4: Gilles Pelletier

Video 5: Jacques Lamontagne

Video 6: Jacques Lamontagne (suite)

Video 7: Martina Kugler, Christian Turianskyj

Video 8: Mathieu Savage


A big and sincere thank you to everyone who helped to make the evening a great success, especially to the chief organisers Jacques Lamontagne and Gilles Pelletier! And as a memento, here is the programme of the St-Lawrence Toastmasters 65th anniversary celebration which includes the names of all the participants.

Thanks as well to Jean-François Hayeur for filming the videos.