Here is the info for our upcoming meeting. Feel free to join us!

April 7, 2020, at 7:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

Link for the Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID:
948 845 236

(Please contact Jacques Lamontagne
ahead of time: 514-995-8762)

For those who have never used Zoom before, just click on the link and you’ll be able to download the program. It’s free and very simple. We suggest you connect on your computer, but Zoom also works well on a tablet or smartphone.

We invite you to connect at 7:15 PM.  Naturally, it will be a less formal setting than a regular meeting, and we will focus on speeches and evaluations.

Here is the programme for the meeting of April 7.


At the end of each speech, we invite members and guests to take a few moments to fill out the evaluation sheet that will then be given to the speaker.  This gives the speaker the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from everyone present, in order to see what they did well and where they could potentially improve for future speeches.

Click to download the file of your choice:

We look forward to seeing you soon!