Our club (St-Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal) is part of Toastmasters District 61, which support all clubs within the district in achieving excellence. One of the recent great ideas they have put in place is to provide webinars as a powerful training option.

Here is a recording of the first English webinar that was recently offered:

– The Basics of Pathways –

This presentation is great for all new Toastmasters as you venture into the Pathways Program. Learn how to access Pathways and begin your first project. Learn how to submit for approval when you complete Level 1. Are you ready to learn? Are you ready to have fun?

If you’d like to know a little more about the presenter (Cheryl Netterfield), feel free to visit the page on the District website which even provides a Pathways 101 Cheat Sheet for download. It’s a quick reference guide that will help you to log in to the site, select your path, and navigate through your first Pathways projects.

More webinars are added on a regular basis. You can view the list of upcoming webinars here.