This year our club (St. Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal) is celebrating 70 years of existence!

Toastmasters Logo 1948 vs 2018

Here are some fun trivia facts… Did you know that:

– St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club is the oldest Toastmasters club in Canada east of Winnipeg!

– When it was founded in November 1948, it was the only Toastmasters club in Eastern Canada.

– Our club number is 606, i.e. three digits. (Numbers are granted in numerical order.)  Club numbers for new Toastmasters clubs chartered today have now reached seven digits.

– Meetings were held in the Central YMCA of Montreal. 
  (Bonus trivia fact:
The first YMCA in North America was the one that opened in Montreal in November 1851.)

Central YMCA 1980

Central YMCA in 1980.
Source: Concordia University Records Management and Archives


If you’d like to know a bit more about our history, please check out the St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club 606 – 70th Anniversary sheet:

Club 606 70th anniversary sheet

A big thanks to Bob Palmer for having prepared this. Bob is a fellow Toastmaster and historian from District 12 in California, USA. With 45 years at Toastmasters, one of his side hobbies is to research club histories. You can read more at Bob’s Toastmasters History Blog.