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Nous sommes un club bilingue!
Le club St-Lawrence Toastmasters est un club bilingue à Montréal. Nos réunions hebdomadaires se déroulent en français et en anglais.

We are a bilingual club!
Located in downtown Montreal, St-Lawrence Toastmasters is a bilingual club. All meetings are held in both English and French.


A big thanks to Shirley Damant, Toastmasters Area 55 Governor, (call her Princess O’Shirley) for having organized the participation of several Montreal Toastmasters clubs in the St. Patrick’s Parade this year. This is the first time that Toastmasters has been in a Montreal parade!

Shirley invited many Toastmasters clubs to attend, such as:

  • CN Collaborators Toastmasters
  • Excellence Toastmasters
  • McGill Toastmasters
  • Mt. Royal Toastmasters
  • NDG Toastmasters
  • Pointe Claire Toastmasters
  • South Shore Toastmasters
  • St. Lawrence Toastmasters
  • St. Leonard Toastmasters
  • Ville Marie Toastmasters
  • Westmount Toastmasters

She made sure that everyone was well dressed with Toastmasters badges, ribbons, banners, and everything green to show great creativity!

Our very own Pietro di Benedetto (call him Prince O’Pietro) joined in the festivities.  Also in attendance were Princess O’Hepta (Division F Governor) and Princess O’Lise (Area 53 Governor).

Thanks for the memories!