Greetings everyone!

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve reported the activities in our St. Lawrence Toastmasters Montreal club, but that’s simply because our webmaster has been short on time these days. There might be some sort of of inverse correlation — the busier things seem to be at our Toastmasters club, the less time there is to get other things done, like keeping our Toastmasters website up to date.

So here is a quick recap for the past few weeks:

Welcome to our new members Wyatt and Nicholas!

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Wyatt, who recently joined our club after attending a couple of our bilingual Toastmaster meetings as a guest.

Already, Wyatt has given his icebreaker speech , where he described his upbringing both in France and in Western Canada, which helps explain why he is so completely bilingual.

Wyatt being welcomed by club president Mathieu Savage
Wyatt being welcomed by club president Mathieu Savage

And a most warm welcome to Nicholas as well. After attending one of our Toastmasters meetings as a first-time guest, he knew right away that this is what he was looking for.

Not only is Nicholas perfectly fluent in English and French, but we also found out that he shares another language in common with some of our other members , German!

Nicholas being welcomed by the evening's president Alex Chan
Nicholas being welcomed by the evening’s president Alex Chan

Both Wyatt and Nicholas have already jumped in and actively participated in evening club functions, such as the Toastmasters Timekeeper role. In fact, they even both entered the club contest that was held on February 15.

More on that in the French post.