The St. Lawrence Toastmasters Club Montreal would like to wish a warm welcome to two new members.

TM new members Katherine & Armel
Toastmasters club president Pier-Luc welcomes Katherine and Armel

Here is why Katherine came to Toastmasters:

“I joined Toastmasters to become more comfortable with public speaking, particularly in impromptu situations, and also work on  being more concise and to the point. In just the few meetings I’ve attended, the level of organization, efficiency and support at the St. Lawrence Toastmasters meetings has far exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to my journey with this club!”

Armel visited our club on a couple of occasions before joining.  In fact, it was a year ago that he visited our club for the first time.  However, due to scheduling of other activities, he was not able to join us at that time.  This year he made sure to plan his schedule so that he could attend our meetings.  Here is what he had to say:

“J’ai toujours aimé la communication orale en public. J’ai donc décidé cette année d’intégrer un club Toastmaster afin de m’y dédier efficacement dans un envirronment encadré.
Toastmasters St-Lawrence est mon choix car le palmarès de ce club et la chaleur de ses réunions m’ont séduites.”

All the best to our two new members!


Feel free to come meet us too!  Here is the programme for the meeting of October 13, 2015.