The Saint-Lawrence Toastmasters Club in downtown Montreal would like to warmly welcome two new members. 

Toastmasters club president Pier-Luc welcomes Jessica-Ruth and Justine

We always like to ask our new members why they joined Toastmasters and why they picked our club.  Here are their responses:

En tant que nouvelle entrepreneure, je veux développer l’art de bien parler en public et améliorer mon leadership. J’ai choisi le club St-Lawrence Toastmaster, car le niveau académique est excellent et les membres sont extrêmement accueillants.
– Jessica-Ruth

I came because I wanted to overcome my discomfort with public speaking. I stayed because I am inspired by the opportunity to better myself and develop my skills. What better motivation to succeed than to be surrounded by the talented people of the St. Lawrence Toastmasters?
– Justine

Welcome to our club, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals!


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Here is the programme for the meeting of September 29, 2015.