Congratulations to all the participants of the Club Humorous Speech Contests as well as the Club Evaluation Contests, held at our Toastmasters club in Montreal on June 3, 2014.

For the English contests, the winners were:

Toastmasters English Humorous Speech Contest:

1. Elodie Magni
2. Martina Kugler

Toastmasters English Evaluation Contest:

1. Alex Chan
2. Nicholas Keppper

Voici les heureux gagnants des concours français :

Concours de discours humoristique Toastmasters :

1. Tommy Lebel
2. Michel Gadbois

Concours d’évaluation en français Toastmasters :

1. Alex Chan
2. Martina Kugler


Bruno L., Martina K., Tommy L., Nastaran N., Katherine K., Élodie M.
John B., Jeannine S., Italo M., Alex C.

The winners will go on to participate in the Area 53 Fall Contest.

P.S. Thanks to Marie-Claude and to Marie for having given their target speeches for the evaluation contests.