Here is a note from Nadine Walicki, Contest Organiser of the Speech and Table Topics contests that were held at our Toastmasters club on Tuesday February 4, 2014.

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

I would like to congratulate all of the participants from our contest last night.  I think it was a big success and, as Italo said, showcased the progress many members have made. Thanks to everyone who helped make the contest happen.

Here are the results:

Table Topics Contest
1. Pier-Luc Rouleau (French) et Carmel Grace (English)
2. Michel Gadbois (French) et John Brown (English)

Table Topics Contest – Winner: Carmel Grace

Table Topics Contest – 2nd place: John Brown

Table Topics Contest – 3rd place: Ann Bailey

International Speech Contest
1. Michel Gadbois (French) et Pietro di Benedetto (English)
2. Nicholas Kepper (English)

International Speech Contest – Winner: Pietro Di Benedetto

International Speech Contest – 2nd place: Nicholas Kepper

We will confirm the details of the next contest and inform you as soon as possible.

Have a great week!