The Toastmasters Competent Communication manual is comprised of 10 projects to help members develop their speaking skills one step at a time.  In Project 8 “Get Comfortable with Visual Aids”, the goal is to use visual aids as a way to help the audience understand and remember what they hear.  Often this could be done with the help of PowerPoint presentations, overhead transparencies, flip charts, whiteboards.  But speakers can also use other props like a hat, sunglasses, or other objects that will help to give the desired impact for the speech.

Here is an interesting presentation that definitely makes an interesting and effective use of the iPad as a visual aid.  It was taken during MIPIM 2012 held in Cannes Paris, on behalf of Stockholm — the Capital of Scandinavia. MIPIM is an International Real Estate Conference for professionals which had nearly 20,000 participants.

(Click here to view the video directly on YouTube.)