Our “reporter of the evening” was Jacques Lamontagne.  Here is what he writes:


Even if the room was not overcrowded as usual, our last meeting was full of surprises and under a “heckling” atmosphere.

We are glad to see that Simon Roberge is back and started the meeting with an appropriate toast.

We then had a first at the Club: two consecutive speeches about the same subject. Aléna and Mathieu both shared their first camping experience together but from two different points of view. The conclusion: although he is not a great camper, Mathieu is “good dating material”.

Chantal practiced her contest speech and received plenty of suggestions for the next level.

We were surprised by Italo who, at the last minute, changed his grammarian role for a Table Topics session.

Lisa C. concluded the evening with a great evaluation.

Finally, Françoise left her mark with this colourful quote: «les babines suivent les bottines».